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malis december 2020 full title
malis december 2020 full title

A Delightful Cambodian Christmas


That family, friends, faith, festivities and fine food are at the heart of Christmas goes to show that no matter where we’re from or where we are, the ways we celebrate the things that are important to us are universal. And so it is with Christmas. At Malis, you can enjoy a quiet Christmas with those that mean the most to you over a delicious four-course menu that blends flavours from East and West in ways that emphasise the best elements of each.

Of course, it is not really Christmas without Roast Turkey, and our chefs have celebrated this perennial favourite with a very traditional Chestnut stuffing, but also given it a special local touch with a Passion Fruit Glaze and Smoked Ham Rice. But that is only after you have savoured our Pan-seared Foie Gras with Slow Roasted Spring Chicken, Banana Blossom Salad and Lime Confit followed by Moringa Soup with Marble Goby Fish.

An evening of delicate but sparkling flavours will be rounded off beautifully with our heartwarming Battambang Creamy Coconut Milk Dong K’tis with Malis Mousse and Slow Cooked Chestnut with Palm Sugar. A sweet seduction you might say. We hope you will join us to celebrate a very peaceful Christmas at Malis with our four-course Christmas Menu, available for just $60 net, including a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine for each couple that dines with us. Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year to come.

See our full menu below:


Available from December 20 to 26

$60 net per person with complimentary bottle of sparkling wine for couples

ទទួលស្វាគមន៍លោកអ្នកជាមួយស្រាក្រឡុក | Welcome Cocktail

អាហារចាប់ផ្តើម | STARTER
ញាំត្រយ៉ូងចេកជាមួយសាច់មាន់ខ្ចី និង ថ្លើមក្ងាន
Pan-seared foie gras with slow-roasted spring chicken, banana blossom salad and lime confit

ស៊ុប | SOUP
Moringa leaf soup with marble goby fish

អាហារចម្បង | MAIN COURSE
Chestnut stuffed turkey with passion fruit glaze and smoked ham rice

បង្អែម | DESSERT
Battambang creamy coconut milk Dong K’tis with Malis Mousse and slow cooked chestnut with palm sugar

កាហ្វេ ឬ តែ
Coffee or tea

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